The Poet

Dr. Donovan is a published poet and has been writing since he was in high school. Some of his poetry can be read in his book, Dancing With The Beloved. His poetry has been called “sensual and deeply passionate”, “a study of the struggle of the human soul with itself and its relationship to its God”. Through his poetry, Dr. Donovan has gained a deeper comprehension of the importance of communication and dialogue in the establishment of “profound relatedness” and its relationship to healing. Therefore, much of his clinical work involves intense and probing dialogue. A collection of many of his published and unpublished poems can be found in his upcoming work, Relationships and Other Crimes of Passion which will be downloadable in the future from this website.


This space between us,
intimately conversant,
has suffered too long
its poetic anemia.

without the meat
of literary dialogue,
we have been limping through
life's hemorrhagic events
with seductive fatigue
searching for
a rhyme or reason
for having no
reasonable rhyme.

Enough, I say!
I am your hunter
and here is your meat,
blood-red and raw,
charbroiled in the heat
of my love for you.

Read it
to your satiety
and digest it well
for tomorrow
you will be

© p. donovan

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