The Poet

Dr. Donovan is a published poet and has been writing since he was in high school. His poetry has been called “sensual and deeply passionate, a study of the struggle of the human soul with itself and its relationship to its God”. Through his poetry, Dr. Donovan has gained a deeper comprehension of the importance of communication and dialogue in the establishment of “profound relatedness” and its relationship to healing. Therefore, much of his clinical work as a physician involved intense and probing dialogue. A collection of many of his poems can be found in his newest book, Relationships and Other Crimes of Passion.

Amongst the Fallen Fruit

Now here I lay
at the foot of your Holy Tree
amongst its fallen fruit
wild and ripened
willing and ready
skin bruised and torn
from a lifetime of too many falls
and too much “letting go”.

I have arrived
sweetened by time…
been waiting for your mouth.

And what is desire
but a wildness of the soul…
an all-consuming hunger
for both the sweetness
and the bite.

© p. donovan

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