The Musician

From his early teens, Dr. Donovan was writing and performing his own music. His music has been described as a fusion between Leonard Cohen and 60's Folk Rock. His lyrics are poetic and address the deep passion of the human soul in its longing for love. His music has given him a greater appreciation for the rhythms of life and a deeper awareness of the sensual and harmonious nature of each soul's sacred dance of relationship. This has helped him greatly in his healing work because the dance of relationship is a most essential aspect to all healings. As Dr. Donovan states in his book, Dancing with The Beloved: Resurrecting Divine Sexuality through Profound Relatedness:

“Everywhere in nature, the erotic choreography of this courtship dance and the refrain of its melodic conversation can be witnessed, from the strutting of the peacock to the flowers of the field, from the croaking of the frog to the chirping of the crickets. Life is engaged in an ongoing conversation with itself; a soliloquy of many tongues; a song of many melodies. The topic is self-discovery and self-transcendence through relationship.”

You can hear some of Dr. Donovan’s music and poetry on his YouTube channel, Patrick Donovan Poetry & Songs.

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