Dr. Donovan Welcomes You

Doctor Donovan has been a Naturopathic Physician and educator for over 35 years and was voted one of “Seattle's Top Doctors” in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. He has retired from his robust medical practice at Meridian Medicine in Seattle and his teaching positions at Bastyr University. He is now devoting his time to his music and writing. He is a poet, musician, and author of four books and is currently putting much of his poetry from his latest book, Relationships and Other Crimes of Passion to music. His music and his poetry readings can be seen and heard on his YouTube channel, Patrick Donovan, Poetry & Songs. He continues to lecture on the topics of consciousness and healing and perform readings of his poetry at various venues.


Dr. Donovan writes and lectures on the transformational process of healing. Two of his four published books, The Face of Consciousness and Forty Years of Sacred Space (see below), were dedicated to this topic. He believes our healing journey is ultimately a quest to answer the primal, nagging questions of identity, purpose, and meaning:

  • Who am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • What am I doing here?
  • What is my purpose?

These questions are bound closely to the awakening to self-identity and the beginning of self-awareness. They are questions that initiate life’s great journey. This journey is mythologically and mystically represented as the “Hero's Journey”. It is the journey that propels each one of us and all of life onward upon the path of continuous creation toward self-awareness, self-affirmation, and self-transcendence. Dr. Donovan strongly emphasizes each one of us discovers the self-affirming and self-transcending theme of our journey as it is presented in the nature of our illness (biologically, psychologically, and spiritually) and the transformational process of our healing and our life story. His lectures, like his books, are always engaging and thought-provoking.

As a poet, Dr. Donovan reacquaints us to the voice in the wilderness of our soul that “cries out like a banshee to awaken us from the dark solitude of a seemingly endless dark night of the soul”. His poetry has been called “sensual and deeply passionate, a study of the struggle of the human soul with itself and its relationship with its God”. His latest book, Relationships and Other Crimes of Passion, is his first published book focused solely on his poetry.

Dr. Donovan's Books

The Face of Consciousness was one of five finalists in the 2007 Nautilus Books Awards and is considered a “masterpiece of integration that explores the underlying principles of the transformational process of healing as they are reflected in the physical sciences, psychology, mythology and mysticism”. It has been called “a bold and imaginative work...penetrating to the core of the questions that confronts us all: Who are we? What are we? Why are we here?”

Forty Years of Sacred Space has been called “a veritable smorgasbord of nutritious thoughts for anyone interested in the topic of healing”. It is considered “a must-read addition to our understanding of what health and healing truly means, and more importantly, of what miracles of healing are possible within the sacred space that exists within us all as part of our divine nature”.

Dancing with The Beloved has been described as ”...an excursion of profound thoughts on human existence”.

Relationships and Other Crimes of Passion, “poetry that cries out to awaken us from the dark solitude of a seemingly endless dark night of the soul”.

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